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Signing Off From Lactation Station

For the past five years, my body has not been my own. Between pregnancy and breastfeeding, two tiny humans have relied on my body for their basic nutrition. Breastfeeding has been quite a journey. Coen and I recently finished nursing and it’s made me want to sit back and take a good, appreciative look at this amazing thing my body has done. I present you with a compendium of my breastfeeding experiences: the good, the bad, and the milky.

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Thoughts on Hip Pain, Gluteals, and Groundlessness

When I experienced a searing pain in my right hip while going up the stairs, followed by a deep ache that wouldn’t go away, I immediately recalled my pregnant, unstable pelvis. This was familiar pain. During both pregnancies, I dealt with pretty terrible sciatica. Thanks to the fluid nature of my pregnant bod, the pain frequently switched sides to keep me guessing. In addition to deep aches in my hips most of the time, they would often buckle or give out when I went to stand up.

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A Lot to Carry: My Journey with Shoulder Pain

From everything that I’ve learned about pain science, I know emotions can play a huge role in the experience of pain. In addition, I find that infusing life events with symbolism or metaphor can help me shift my perspective away from negative self-talk or victimization and into a position that feels more meaningful and powerful. So when I really felt ready to seek help for my shoulder pain, I also started examining any mental/emotional components to the situation.

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