Corporate Wellness

Even the most fulfilling careers come with stress. On-site wellness classes with me can help employees reduce stress and promote overall well-being. By offering your employees opportunities for varied movement, mindfulness, and breath awareness throughout the day, you’ll invest in the health of your business.


group yoga classes

If you have an available conference room, a spare office, or a wellness center, then you have a yoga studio! Employees bring their own mats and I bring my props (blankets, blocks, straps, and therapy balls) to make my classes accessible to yogis of all levels. Lunch hour classes are a great way for employees to break up their day and return to work feeling refreshed.


guided meditation sessions

A perfect thirty to forty-five minute mid-morning or afternoon break for your employees. I use mindfulness techniques and breath awareness to help employees feel grounded in the present moment.


thai massage

Unlike traditional table massage, employees remain clothed during a Thai session, receiving work on a comfortable mat on the floor. A ten to fifteen minute massage can help employees feel more relaxed and ready to focus on their work with renewed energy.