yoga for women

embodiment is power

Many aspects of our femininity (and anatomy) are cloaked in shame and taboo. Step into your power by gaining insight into your structure and rhythms. I love coaching women on their journeys of embodiment. I offer specialized group classes and individual sessions on the following 'Yoga for Women' topics.

Photo by  Whitney Jade

Photo by Whitney Jade

Reclaim Your Core + Pelvic Floor. Pregnancy and childbirth, along with surgeries or other trauma can compromise a woman’s core and pelvic floor. These life events coupled with the stresses of our modern sedentary culture can lead to issues with incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain, and a persistent ‘mummy tummy.’

Join Jen and a group of like-minded women to learn…

…Awakening practices to rebuild the connection between the brain and the muscles of the pelvic floor and core.

…Releasing practices to free up restricted areas and get more of you moving with ease.

…Strengthening practices to challenge yourself when appropriate.

…Self-assessment techniques to help you keep tabs on your progress, highlighting which practices or movements feel most helpful for your healing journey.

Go with your flow. Got PMS? Your body is trying to tell you something. When you try to function as a linear being, maintaining a constant high energy level, your body will rebel. PMS is your body speaking to you - when you don’t acknowledge your needs, your body screams louder. I can help you...

  • Tune in to the wisdom of your monthly cycle.

  • Discover the most productive times for clearing, intention setting, starting new projects, socializing, reflecting, and resting.

  • Address chronic stress that could be throwing off your body’s biochemistry and causing hormonal hiccups (like when your period is late during stressful times).