Mindful Movement Adapted (for fussy toddler)

This morning I had some time set aside to get on my mat and record my practice in order to showcase the kinds of things I might share in my Mindful Movement + Massage workshop on Saturday. I also was looking forward to moving and warming my body (my house is cold!). My little buddy had other plans, however. After two nights in a row of poor sleep (the first one with vomitting) he was pretty pitiful. I debated on whether or not to leave the sound on because of his fussing but ended up keeping it because I liked the music I was listening to. [EDIT: Actually, my original video was totally blocked by Youtube for music playing in the background so I chose some royalty-free music which hopefully isn’t too bad.] In addition, I only learned after I finished recording that my framing was somewhat off. But that’s life with a toddler—chaotic, imperfect, and somewhat off.

In my practice today, I did some bridging, abdominal massage, hip rotations, rib cage isolations, balance play, and some massage in between the shoulder blades.

In a typical MM+M workshop, we’ll do some of these kinds of things, in addition to controlled articulated range of motion exercises, mobility drills, and other movements that kind of massage the body from the inside out. We’ll also use therapy balls and dowels to apply outward massage/myofascial release techniques throughout the body—all with the goal to get you moving more of yourself. Class ends with Yoga Nidra, a guided relaxation meditation that will take you into deep rest. Please register in advance with Glowing Body Yoga & Healing Arts.