Not Your Average Yoga Class

My kids love a good routine. Unfortunately, they’re still a bit too young for a family dance routine…I’ll be patient. It will happen one day.

Sometimes the routine my kids crave feels suffocating to me, though. I have to shake things up for my sanity.

Maybe that’s why I have enjoyed taking license to be experimental during my movement practice time. I’m finding inspiration from movers and shakers on Instagram that give me ideas to play with. Sometimes it looks like yoga and sometimes it doesn’t.

I hold my attention on my body and allow myself to be present with the sensations of muscle activation, stretch, and whatever else arises. I feel how my breath changes as my body changes shapes. I pay attention and withhold judgment from the experience. When I fall over (which happens) I don’t beat myself up. Sometimes I get back up and try again and other times I move on to something else. I just want to get moving - with or without a yoga mat and stretchy pants!

All in all, I experience the freedom of mind that comes from focus. I have fun! I move in ways that feel good and challenging. I let go of tension. I rest deeply. I try not to have a reason for everything or every way I move. Sometimes I think about my alignment and sometimes I don’t.

I’m excited to share some of the things I have been playing around with in my new monthly class, Mindful Movement & Massage. My goal is for everyone to have some fun, get deep rest, and leave feeling great. Come and be curious about your body’s movement possibilities! All bodies welcome!

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