The Inspo Brunch

This morning I had the pleasure of ‘brunching’ with three ladies who are getting shit done around here. All of them are movers and shakers, connectors and builders of communities, businesses, and ideas. Holy cow, I’m feeling the inspiration on such a physical level. I came home so energized and enlivened that I had to get on my yoga mat and move my body to process it. Do you ever do this?

We were discussing beauty. How many of us women in the ‘crunchy camp,’ aka those of us interested in a more ‘natural’ way of living, have a little issue with beauty. There’s this assumption floating around that we’re supposed to be happy and content to embrace our bodies exactly as they are ‘naturally’ and to shun attempts at concealing wrinkles, gray hairs, and floppy breasts. That anti-aging serums and push-up bras have no place in our lives. But crunchy moms want beauty too!

And then this idea—what if we didn’t just think about the beauty of our skin but the health of our skin?

Beauty is in the garden where we grow our health. Beauty is in the kitchen where we cook our health. Beauty is at the table where we eat our health. Beauty is outside and inside. Outside in nature, outside our homes, and on the outside of our skin. Beauty is inside our bodies and the biological magic of their processes; it’s how we see ourselves; it’s our resilience.

And what if beauty was also about compassion? What if beauty was a practice in self-compassion? What if beauty was a practice of compassion towards others, eliminating competition? What if beauty was a practice of compassion toward the earth—honoring the beauty of our Mother through gratitude and through our choosing of products and packaging?

Let’s just embrace the fact that we all would like to look a certain way. There’s an idea of beauty which our culture presents to us and there’s an idea of beauty we each have for ourselves. Those may be the same; they may overlap, or they may be totally different. Whether your idea of beauty is cultural or countercultural, can we also agree on the age-old maxim that beauty is more than just skin deep? Can we redefine beauty in a more multidimensional way that includes health and self-care? It’s something to ponder…

Apart from these thought-provoking ideas, I left our gathering with a good deal of inspiration. Hearing about their accomplishments and their goals makes me feel plugged in with them and connected. I recognized parts of myself in their stories, which reassured me that I too can do great things and find resilience in the face of challenge. It leaves me with a brewing feeling. I’m in a waiting place, a place of potential energy. Events and ideas are coming together and things are shifting behind the scenes and I just feel like something big is coming. I don’t know what it is yet or when it will go kinetic. I can feel the space clearing around me to make room for whatever it is. I’ve learned that when I over-effort to ‘make it happen,’ I usually just end up burned out—and burn out is not beautiful. The ‘let it happen’ approach suits me better. So for now, I’ll wait and see.