Laundry Moves: How I saved $520 and added more movement to my life.

We recently took advantage of the Memorial Day appliance sales to upgrade our washer and dryer. The old ones were really old, not energy efficient, and the washer would walk across the floor if you put a feather in it. I knew


I wanted a front loader set and when I started looking, people kept telling me, “You need to get the pedestals. It’s so much easier to load with the pedestals.” Well, the pedestals were $260 a piece, which seemed expensive for a foot of convenience and some storage space. I passed and we put the washer and dryer on the floor.

Since we opted not to raise the units up to a ‘convenient’ height, we afforded ourselves with extra opportunities for movement. When I need to load the washer, I squat. When I need to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer, I sit down on the floor and when I’m done I stand up. When I remove clothes from the dryer, I take a knee and then press up to stand while holding the basket of clothes. With the pedestals, I would probably not be moving my body in quite as many ways or supporting my body weight for as long of a distance (from the ground to standing). Even the smallest changes can have a big impact!